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At Shapiro Baer, we value the opinions and feedback of our clients guiding our team to serve you better.  Working as a close-knit team of professionals, we enjoy building lasting relationships keeping our clients consistently updated with relevant information pertaining to their needs.


Sharyn - Boutique Owner

"Working with the staff of Shapiro Baer is a completely stress free experience. They are all professionals."

Violaine - Tax Client

"Thank you very much for your work with regard to my income tax report. It is always satisfying to be taken care of by a friendly professional person. Many thanks to Shapiro Baer!"

Dr. Ron - Doctor

"As a medical specialist in private practice, I have very much valued Bev Baer’s excellent and timely advice."

Amanda - Real Estate

"Shapiro Baer are very professional and are always available to answer my questions. They make me feel that they are looking out for my best interests!"

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